International Recruitment

We give you a future ... 


in the further development of your company, or through a successfull career in Germany. 
procontrain is a serious, innovative and effective partner of companies for the efficient 
recruitment of foreign experts, and a perfect recruitment partner of jobseekers from countries
outside the EU for efficiently getting a permanent position in Germany. 


We are looking for the following positions: 


  • doctors 

  • nurses 

  • engineers 

  • skilled Workers (mechatronics, electronics)


procontrain maintains relationships with a wide range of partners in other countries,
and we provide tailor made solutions to  




  • identification and registration of candidates with potential 

  • detailed assessment of requirements and job profile (hard and soft skills, social skills)

  • qualified preselection process based on the job profile, qualification, professional experience, personality profile, social skills, as well as language skills

  • all necessary translations of documents 

  • coordination of candidates interviews 

  • support for jobseekers interviews and candidate selection 

  • care about employees beyond hiring 

  • identification of individual training needs and, if necessary, the implementation of appropriate seminars and coaching 


These services we provide at daily/hourly rates.


  • For a reasonable price we do a preliminary analysis oft the vocational/academic qualification and professional experience,  for getting a first realistic assessment of the chances in the German job market.  Only if this preliminary analysis turns out to be positive, we offer jobseekers additional support at further cost. This avoids a waste of time and money for everybody.  

  • Support at further cost in all procedures for the recognition of their vocational and/or academic qualification by the respective authorities and institutions, for finding a residence, and for obtaining a work permit and a visa 

  • Advice for taking adaptation courses (professional or language courses) that can be completed either in the country of origin or that must be done in Germany with a temporary visa

  • Finding a company for doing this adaption qualification at. This also includes assistance in obtaining the visa issued for the duration  of this adaptation qualification. 

  • Support in the application process for a permanent position including personal coaching (presence or web-based) 

  • Assistance in renting a first home and in dealing with authorities, land lords, insurances etc.

  • Social care 

  • Personal support (presence of web-based) 

We rely on a diverse network of partners in the country of origin (chambers of commerce, language institutes, universities) as well as on an extensive network of potential employers, chambers of commerce, federal employment offices, and others. 

All these services for jobseekers are provided at fair prices and following a payment scheme ​that includes fixed rates and also bonuses.

Please feel free to contact us at anytime and ask for a first 30 minutes interview that is of course free of charge.     


Mrs. Rosana Lütjen (Job Seekers)  Email 
Mr. Christoph Seidl (Employers)     Email




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